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The 2022 Qatar World Cup - Time to Get Hyped

As a football fan, it is impossible not to look forward to the 2022 Qatar World Cup. The legendary event returns this year, and it is definitely going to be one to remember. Former World Cup winners such as Brazil, England, France and Germany ploughed through the qualifiers, each of them topping their respective tables, and they are definitely amongst the favourites to win the World Cup. Now that the World Cup draw has been completed and we know who is going to be playing who in the group stage, fans can already start making their predictions and working out the possible routes to the World Cup final for their favourite team.

Casual spectators who may want to watch the occasional game may be thinking what is all the hype about, indeed, what is the World Cup? It is one of the most historic and significant events, not only in football, but also throughout all sports and it has some of the biggest viewership figures around the world. Some of the most recognisable footballers of all time established themselves in the World Cup, and it has brought immeasurable joy to football fans.

If you are looking for news about the Qatar World Cup, match previews, betting guides, and so on, then you have certainly arrived in the right place.


The Build Up To the 2022 Qatar World Cup

One thing in particular that is highly appealing about the World Cup is that every single nation in the world has the chance to compete in it. The way the World Cup works, is that each nation in the world plays in one of the six football federations. These are the UEFA, for Europe, the CONMEBOL, for South America, the AFC for Asia, the CAF for Africa, the CONCACAF, for North America, Central America and the Caribbean, and the OFC, for the Oceanian nations.

Each nation can compete against the other nations in its federation for a berth to the World Cup. The UEFA has the most berths, with 13 qualifiers, the CAF comes second with 5 berths, the AFC and CONMEBOL come third with either 4 or 5 berths, the CONCACAF comes fourth with 3 or 4 berths, and the OFC has either 0 or 1 berths. The reason why some federations do not have a fixed number of berths is that there are some qualifiers where teams have to play against rivals from other conferences. In addition to all of these berths, the host nation always has a place in the World Cup, and the history of the competition suggests that there is definitely an advantage to playing at home.

Once all the qualifier groups have played all their games and the additional qualifier playoffs have been concluded, the next important stage in the build up to the competition proper is the draw. The teams that have secured places in the World Cup are placed into 4 different pots, based on their position in the World Rankings, and then they are drawn together into groups. The 32 teams are put into 8 groups of 4, where they will play in a single game robin rounds and the top two teams in each group will advance to the next stage of the competition.

When the knockout stage starts, the path for each team is fixed, and most of us will be making our finals predictions. You can see whom your favourite team is playing in the round of the last 16, and then whom they may play in the quarterfinals. Bold fans can go even further and make predictions on if they reach the semi-finals, who they will face, and if they win that then they will be in the final, and only 90 minutes away from creating history.

Brazil, Germany, France, England, Argentina and Spain are all World Cup winners who will enter the 2022 Qatar World Cup with realistic aspirations of winning the event.

There are also plenty of several title contenders who have never won a World Cup. Belgium, Portugal, and the Netherlands are all teams who have never won the World Cup, but they have impressive teams who have enough talent to reach far in the 2022 World Cup. Each team in the World Cup has their motivations and expectations, and they will make this World Cup especially exciting to watch.

Make Your World Cup 2022 Predictions

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For individual matches, you will be able to place bets on which team you think will win the game, how many goals will be scored in the game and you can back a team to win with a handicap to change the betting odds and risk to your preference. The action does not stop there as you can make even more specific bets where you will need to predict a correct score, which team will open the scoring, which half will be the highest scoring, will a team keep a clean sheet, what the result will be at half time, and many more bets that will capture your imagination.

Once the competition kicks off, you can explore our live bets. Here, you will not only be able to find a similar wealth of choice, but you can also place some fun bets on what will happen next in the game, such as who will score the next goal, will a team score two goals in a row, which team will win the next corner, and many more.

To help you take full advantage of all these betting markets, here in the Magazine we will be bringing you previews of every match in the tournament as well as team news, betting guides and more, so be sure to visit often to catch up with all we have to offer.