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Bet on League One Football at Sports

League One may not be top flight football, but it is a hugely exciting league with the teams fighting to be promoted to the Championship from where they will have a shot at the Premier League. It is a notoriously unpredictable league and as a result, offers some hugely exciting betting opportunities. Here at Sports, you will find masses of betting markets on all League One matches with highly competitive odds that will provide for all of your betting needs.

League One Odds Explained

League One presents bettors with masses of options, just as many as any of the higher leagues. However, in order to maximise on these it is important to understand fully all of the different betting markets on offer and the way in which odds work. At a basic level, the markets are split into two main categories, Game Odds, which deal with individual matches, and Outrights, which deal with the overall result of the league, such as who is promoted and who is relegated.

League One Football Markets

When looking at the markets available for a game it is easy to feel slightly overwhelmed, as there are usually well over 100 of them. It is best to start by focusing on the most common and popular of them. The most obvious of these is the 1X2 Full Time market, which is a bet on which team will win. However, you can also start by looking at markets such as Exact Score, Both Teams to Score, and Half-Time/Full-Time Score. Take the Both Teams to Score market as an example. You can look at the two teams competing, how they have scored in recent matches and against each other in previous meetings. You can judge the players’ forms and then try to make an informed decision when placing your bet. z

Another relatively easy market to get started with is the Total Goal Over/Under. The more games that have taken place in the season, the more information you will have when placing your bet. For example, you may see attractive odds for Under 1.5 goals. You can then check how many goals in the season have produced more or less than that, and in particular, games involving the teams in the game you are betting on.

League One Outright Markets

For many people, League One football truly comes into its own towards the end of the season when the battles for promotion and to avoid relegation really heat up. This is when the outright markets come into play and they offer some exciting betting opportunities. You can bet on which teams will be promoted, which will reach the playoffs, which will be relegated, and so on. Of course, you can place these bets at any point during the season and the odds will change as the season develops, which could present some exciting betting options.

League One In-Play Betting

There is a third category of betting markets, known as in-play or live betting. These are markets that open up while the football match is taking place and they provide the perfect way for diehard fans to have even more fun placing bets. In-play bets are generally ‘Next To’ bets. This means you can bet on things such as the Next to Score, Next to Foul, Next Corner, Next Penalty, and so on. The markets and the odds are updated in real time as the match takes place and if you are sharp eyed and quick to react, it can result in some fantastic opportunities. For instance, while watching a game you may get the impression that a player is close to losing his temper. You could then place a Next to Foul bet and land some winnings. Alternatively, you could think that a player looks very threatening and place a Next to Score bet. By keeping your eye on the ball, the betting possibilities are almost limitless.

EFL League One History

The English Football League One is the second-highest division of the EFL and the third highest in the English football system, behind the Premier League and Championship. The league was started in the 2004/05 season, before which it was known as the Football League Second Division and the Football League Third Division. There are 24 clubs that take part in the league and each year, the top two finishers are promoted to the Championship while those who finish in third to sixth places take part in a playoff tournament the winner of which is also promoted. Those that finish in the bottom four positions are relegated to League Two.

While it is a relatively low division, clubs taking part have the chance to take part in numerous cups such as the FA Cup, the EFL Cup and the EFL Trophy. They can also potentially reach the Europa League through the FA Cup or the EFL Cup. Since the 2004/05 season there have been just two clubs to win the league twice, Luton Town and Wigan Athletic, with perhaps the most impressive winners being Brighton & Hove, Swansea City, Wolverhampton Wanderers, and Leicester City, all of which have successfully reached the Premier League.