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Bet on Football at Sports

It is probably safe to say that football is the most popular sport in the UK and most likely in the world. In addition to being a fantastic sport to watch, football brings with it amazing betting opportunities that only serve to make the game even more exciting. Here at Sports, we do our best to bring you everything that you could possibly need to bet on football. We cover all of the major leagues and tournaments, such as the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga, as well as the lower leagues, such as League One. Regardless of which football match or league you are interested in, you will find hundreds of betting markets available with truly competitive odds.

Football Betting Odds Explained

When you look at a football match that you wish to bet on, you may find it slightly overwhelming due to the vast number of different betting markets that are on offer. However, it doesn’t actually take very long to get to grips with the different types of markets and their associated odds, and once you have done so, the betting possibilities are almost limitless.

Football Betting Markets

Whether you are betting on the Premier League, the FA Cup, the World Cup, the Champions League, La Lia, or anything other match or tournament, there are broadly speaking two types of betting markets. There are Game Odds, which is where you find all the markets relating to an individual match, and Outrights, which is where you find the markets that deal with the overall results of a league or tournament, such as who will win, be relegated/promoted, reach the final, and so on.

The bulk of the markets are listed under Game Odds. The most straightforward market is the 1X2 Full Time; this is simply a bet on a team to win or the match to end in a draw. Another very simple market is the Total Goals; this allows you to bet on there being more or less than a certain number of goals in a match. In order to enjoy additional competitive betting opportunities, many people turn to the Asian Handicap markets. Depending on the strength of each team, a handicap is issued for the game to make the odds for each side more similar. These bets can take a little getting used to, but they are very much worth investing some time in.

However, for any given match there are far more markets than these available. In general, the markets are split into a number of categories such as Main, Goals, Halves, Corners, Period, Players, Specials, and Cards, and under each category, you will find the markets pertaining to that aspect of the game. For instance, under Cards there are markets such as Total Team Bookings Over/Under, First Booking, and Player Cards. Under Players, there are markets such as Goalscorer and Player Props (Total Assists, To Score from Outside the Box, To Score a Header, etc.). By exploring all of these carefully, you will find that you can turn every minute of a football match into a bet winning opportunity.

Football Outright Markets

The Outright markets are perfect for those who want to take a broader view of a league or a tournament. They allow you to bet on specific teams to win tournaments or leagues, and also to lose tournaments or be relegated from a league. The markets are of course updated as a tournament/season progresses, and this can present a number of exciting betting opportunities. For example, if you believe a team is about to knock the favourites out of a tournament and go on to win it, then you will probably find some very generous odds. You can also bet on things such as Top 4 finishing teams, Top Goalscorer, Not to Be Relegated and More.

Football In-Play Betting

Watching a match with a few bets riding on it is hugely exciting, but being able to bet on a match as it takes place takes this excitement to an entirely new level. This is the purpose of in-play betting and it brings you many more opportunities to win. At Sports we offer in-play betting on thousands of football matches from leagues and tournaments around the world. The markets allow you to respond in real time to what you are watching and take advantage of betting opportunities as they arise. While you can place full time bets, such as match winner, in-play betting comes into its own with the Next To bets. You can bet on things like the Next To Score, if there will be an event such as goal, corner, free-kick, goal-kick or throw-in, in the next minute, the next penalty, the next foul, and so on. By keeping a close eye on the action and the changing betting markets, you have the chance to spot some fantastic betting opportunities.

Football Leagues and Tournaments

Today there are a huge number of football leagues and tournaments taking place throughout the world. In the UK, there are four professional leagues, the Premier League, the Championship, League One and League Two, and at Sport you will find betting markets on all of these. You can also bet on major tournaments such as the FA Cup, the FA Community Shield, the EFL Cup, the EFL Trophy, and more.

Of course, we cover far more than UK football here at Sports and you will find similar coverage of football in countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy, France, the US, and more. We cover all major international tournaments including the Champions League, the Europa League, the Euro, World Cup, etc. In short, no matter what you are interested in, we are confident we have it covered.