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Bet on Tennis at Sports

Tennis is a thrilling sport and it is hugely popular in the UK with massive audiences tuning in to watch tournaments such as Wimbledon and those further abroad. The sport also brings with it plenty of betting opportunities that can make it even more exciting for fans to watch. Here at Sports, you will find a fantastic range betting markets on tennis events taking place around the world. We of course cover all of the Grand Slam tournaments, as well ATP and WTA events, and even leagues such as the UTR and more. Each event brings with it a huge range of markets and we are sure that no matter what tennis match or tournament you are looking to bet on, you will find everything you could possibly need.

Tennis Odds Explained

One of the great things about betting on tennis is just how many options there are. However, for some people this can at first be slightly overwhelming. Luckily, it is actually very straightforward and if you spend just a few minutes familiarising yourself with the different betting markets, you will immediately start to benefit from the many different opportunities that present themselves.

Tennis Markets

It doesn’t matter what tennis tournament or match you are betting on, from the biggest such as Wimbledon to a small local event, the betting options are nearly always the same. Broadly speaking, the markets are split into two categories, Game Odds and Outrights. If you are interested in betting on the tournament as a whole, then head to the Outright section. There you can place bets on global events within a tournament, such as who the overall winner is going to be.

However, most of the interesting markets are found under Game Odds. This is where you can bet on individual matches within a tournament. The markets start very simple, you can just bet on the Winner Full Time, which is exactly what it sounds like. However, there are many more markets available and they offer far more interesting possibilities. The markets are actually divided into three sections, Match, Set and Match Specials. In addition to Winner Full Time, the match category offers bets such as Set Betting (Correct Score), which is a bet on how many sets each player will win, Games and Sets Handicap betting, which is on the players to win a certain numbers of games/sets with a betting handicap, Over/Under Games, which is a bet on how many games there will be in the match, and so on.

The Set category allows you to bet on the individual sets. For instance, you can bet on who will win individual sets (first, second, etc.), how many games there will be in a set, and the exact score of sets. The Match Specials section contains prop bets. For instance, you can bet on players to win at least one set or for sets to finish to nil.

Remember, you can use all of these betting markets in any combination that you wish. So you could bet on a player to lose the first set but win the match, or on a player to lose the match but by a specific number of games, and far more. You can be extremely flexible with your betting and this way have even more fun and cover even more eventualities.

Outright Markets

Outright betting is perfect for those who are looking for very generous odds and have a feeling about the overall results of tournaments. There are not normally many tennis outright markets on offer, but they give you the chance to win large amounts for very small bets. Generally, outright markets will always pay better than even money. The markets are always worth exploring and you may spot some exciting betting opportunities.

In-Play Betting

In-Play betting gives you the chance to take your engagement with the sport to an entirely new level. You can place bets as the match is taking place and it presents a huge number of chances to place winning bets. We offer in-play betting on a huge number of tennis matches with the odds updated on a continual basis. In-play betting allows you to bet on every point of a tennis match. While watching, you can place a bet on who will win the point currently being played, meaning that you can immediately react to the action. You can also place bets on the exact score, on whether there will be a deuce, the total points, and far more. You will also find markets that are a bit more general, such as if the match will contain a tiebreak. Best of all, we also bring you live updates from the match so that you can see the current score at all times and get a sense for how things are progressing. This means that you will always have the opportunity to place well-informed bets.

Tennis Leagues and Tournaments

It is amazing just how many tennis leagues and tournaments take place throughout the world. While the four Grand Slam tournaments may be the most famous, there are in fact smaller tournaments taking place throughout the season and here at Sports we do our best to cover them all. No matter where in the world a tennis match is taking place, it is more than likely that we have it covered with an exciting range of markets and some very generous odds.