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Bet on La Liga Football at Sports

Spain’s La Liga is one of the most exciting football leagues with some of world’s top players in it. Here at Sports we bring you everything needed to have a great time betting on La Liga. There are masses of betting markets for every match throughout the season as well as markets relating to the overall league. We do our best to bring you the most competitive odds possible ensuring that you have the chance to win big with every single bet.

La Liga Odds Explained

When you look at the betting markets for a La Liga game you will see that there are loads of them, far more than just who will win the match. Therefore, if you want to give yourself the best chance of winning, it is important that you understand all of the different markets. In general, there are two types of markets, Game Odds, which deal with individual matches in great detail, and Outrights, which cover broader aspects of the league, such as who will win it.

La Liga Markets

For any given La Liga match, you will usually find that there are more than a hundred different betting markets available. The most basic of these is on who will win, which is called 1X2 Full Time, and there are only three possible options, one of the teams or a draw. From there, the bets become far more specific. For instance, the Total Goals market is very popular and it is a bet on there being more or less than a specific number of goals throughout the match.

As you dig into the markets, you will find that you can bet on almost any aspect of a La Liga match. For instance, you can bet on the result of the first half (1X2 1st Half), the goals in the first half, the first to score, the exact score, specific players to score and more. The markets are split into different categories to help you navigate them, such as Goals, Halves, Corners, and Cards, and if you explore them all carefully, you are sure to the exact bet that you are looking for.

Outright Markets

As mentioned, outright markets deal with the league as a whole rather than individual matches, and they offer some fantastic betting opportunities. The most basic outright market is the league winner, you can place this bet at any time during a season and one of the best things about it is that the odds will nearly always be better than even money, so even when betting on a favourite there is the chance of a big return. You can also take advantage of changing odds throughout a season; for example, if a team starts slow but you think they will win, then you may find very generous odds after they have lost their opening games.

There are many more outright markets. Very often La Liga is dominated by one or two teams, so a popular market is League Winner Without team x or team y (essentially a bet on which team will win without the top teams included). You can also bet on who will be the top four finishers, which can present some great opportunities as teams battle for Champions/Europa League qualification. The other end of the table is also exciting to bet on, no team wants to be relegated but you can still bet on which of them will be. There are also some prop bets available, such as who will be the league’s top goal scorer. Be sure to look at all of these markets carefully as you never know what opportunities you may spot.

In-Play Betting

In-Play Betting, also known as live betting, is a fantastic way to make watching La Liga even more exciting. The in-play betting markets allow you to bet on a game as it is taking place and the markets and odds are continually updated to reflect the action on the pitch. For example, you may be watching a game and think that one player looks in particularly good form and bet on him to be the next to score. Alternatively, you could think that a fight is about to break out and bet on the next player to get a red card. There is an entire category of ‘next to’ bets, including next corner, next penalty, and next foul, and by keeping a careful eye on them, you may spot the chance to place many winning bets. You can enjoy these markets even if you can’t watch a match as we bring live updates on the game page to help you stay on top of all the action.

La Liga History

La Liga is home to some of the most loved football teams in the world, such as Barcelona and Real Madrid, and as such, it attracts some of the world’s biggest talents. Each season, twenty teams take part in the league and amazingly, since its inception in 1929, just nine teams have won it, including 34 times by Real Madrid and 26 times by Barcelona. Despite this dominance, it is still a highly competitive league, making it very exciting to bet on.

Each year, the three bottom teams in La Liga are relegated to the Segunda Division while the top two teams from the Seguna Division are promoted to La Liga and there is a play-off for the final spot between the teams that finish third, fourth, fifth and sixth.