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Bet on MMA at Sports

Since UFC arrived on the scene in 1993, MMA has steadily grown in popularity and today it has millions of fans around the world. Here at Sports we bring you everything you need to bet on MMA and not just on UFC fights, we also cover Bellator, KSW, ONE Championship and more. You will find a huge range of betting markets available for all the fights and some of the most competitive odds around, giving you the chance to win a bit more with every bet that you place.

MMA Odds Explained

When you look at the betting markets for an MMA event that you want to bet on, it is not unusual for there to be well in excess of 20 of them. Each of the markets represents an opportunity for you to place a winning bet, and by combining the markets, you can build an advanced betting strategy. However, in order to do so, it is vital that you understand what each of the markets represents and how to use them. At first, they may appear slightly confusing, but you will very quickly understand them all.

MMA Markets

One of the reasons that MMA betting markets are easy to understand is that there are no outright betting markets; instead, there are just Game Odds, which are markets that relate to individual fights. As a result, there are fewer markets for you to understand.

The most straightforward market is the Moneyline Full Time; this is simply a bet on one of the fighters to win. It is a great place to start, but you can be far more specific with your bets. Another simple bet is the Fight To Go The Distance market, a yes/no bet on whether all rounds will be fought. If you are interested in betting on rounds, you can place an Over/Under Rounds Full Time bet; this is a bet on there being more or less than a given number of rounds in the fight. You can also bet on a fighter to win in a specific round or place a bet on whether a fight will reach a specific round, for instance with the Fight To Start Round 3 market.

There are many markets relating to how the fight will be won. The most basic is the Method of Victory market, a bet on a fighter to win by Knockout, Technical Knockout, Submission, Points, or Disqualification. There are also markets that combine the rounds with the method betting, such as a bet on a fighter to win by knockout in the third round. You don’t actually have to be that specific, you will also find markets allowing you to bet on a fighter to win in the first or second round, in the third or fourth, and so on.

You will very quickly realise that you can combine all of the markets to cover many different scenarios and that way give yourself the best possible chance of winning some money.

In-Play Betting

Watching any MMA fight is hugely exciting but you can make it even more exciting with our live in-play betting markets. These are markets that only become available when the fight is taking place and the odds are updated in real time to reflect what is happening in the ring. You will find many of the same markets available in-play as are available before a fight; however, by keeping a close eye on them you may be able to spot some fantastic opportunities. For instance, if a fighter looks set to lose but you think he will make a comeback, then you may find some very advantageous odds available after the first round or two. You can also use in-play betting to balance out any bets you made before the fight. If while watching you get the feeling that you backed the wrong fighter, then you can quickly place a bet on the other one to try to reduce your loses. In-play betting is a fantastic tool and it takes just seconds to place a bet while a fight is in progress. Be sure to keep a careful eye on the odds during the next fight and see what opportunities you can spot.

MMA Leagues and Tournaments

MMA is a relatively young sport, while the first regulated MMA league began in 1980, the Tough Guy Contest, the first Ultimate Fighting Championship competition didn’t take place until 1993. There are now a number of different leagues, the biggest of which are the UFC, Bellator, and ONE Championship. Each league is slightly different, for instance, Bellator is more of a tournament while in UFC, the fighters are free to challenge each other whenever they wish. ONE Championship is a Singapore-based league that is followed around the world in more than 150 countries and it is also the world’s largest martial arts organisation. There are other minor leagues, such as the KSW, which is Poland’s premiere MMA organisation and one of the best in Europe, and Finland’s Cage league.

No matter which of these leagues you are interested in or what fight you want to bet on, here at Sports we are sure that you will find all that you need. Start browsing our markets today and see if you can place your first winning bet.