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Bet on Greyhound Racing at Sports

Greyhound racing has a long and proud tradition in the UK that dates back more than 200 years and there are currently more than 20 registered stadiums in the UK. It is not just the UK where greyhound racing is popular, tracks can be found around the world with races taking place on an almost daily basis. Here at, we are proud to bring you everything you need to bet on greyhounds. There are betting markets and competitive odds available on a vast range of tracks and events providing you with a huge number of betting opportunities.

Greyhound Racing Betting Odds Explained

Greyhound races present a huge range of different types of bets and opportunities to win. In order to make the most of them, you need to ensure that you understand the different types of markets and the information presented to you with each race. A good place to start is with the Racecards, which contain not only the names of the greyhounds running, but also their previous odds. From there you can start to delve into the different markets and placing bets.

Greyhound Racing Markets

As with any type of race, the simplest type of Greyhounds bet is on a specific dog to win the race. You can place this through the main racecard just by selecting the dog that you are interested in. You will also see a listing for ‘Favourite’ on the racecard and this is simply a bet on whichever dog is favourite to win at the time the race starts.

However, the betting options are far more interesting than the selection of a straightforward winner. A very popular type of bet is the Each Way bet. This is placed by using the Each Way checkbox after selecting a winner and it will double the amount that you bet. The Each Way bet includes a bet on the dog to win and a bet on it to finish in one of the places. If the dog wins then you win both sections of your bet and if it finishes in the places (the number of which will depend on the race), then you will win that part of the bet.

Another very popular type of bet are Straight and Reverse Forecasts/Tricasts. A Straight Forecast is a bet on two dogs to finish first and second in the race and you have to predict the correct order. A Reverse Forecast is a bet on two dogs to finish first and second where the order is not important. You can also place a Combination Forecast, which is a bet where you choose three or more selections with any of them to finish first and second in the race. The Tricast bets are essentially the same but they involves selecting dogs to finish first, second and third.

By using combinations of the above betting markets, you are able to cover a huge number of outcomes and give yourself many more opportunities to win big bets.

Greyhound Racing in the UK

As mentioned, greyhound racing is hugely popular in the UK with over three million people flocking to watch races and over five thousands meetings taking place annually. Belle Vue Stadium in Manchester is known as the home of modern greyhound racing. In 1926 it was the first venue to host a seven dog race around an oval circuit, and an audience of 1,700 people turned up for the event. Today, Belle Vue holds meetings three times a week and it is home to some of the most important meetings in the greyhound-racing calendar such as the Scurry Gold Cup, running at 260m, the Laurels, running at 470m, and the Oaks, also running at 470m.

Despite the historical significance of Belle Vue, many consider Towcester to be the most important greyhound-racing track in the UK. It is a very new track; it was opened in 2014, and was the first to open in England since 1995. It is where the English Greyhound Derby is held, the most important greyhound event in the world, and it never fails to draw in a huge crowd.

While London used to be home to a large number of greyhound tracks, today there are just two, one of which is Romford. It has space for over 4,300 spectators and it has won the British Greyhound Racing Board’s “Racecourse of the Year” award twice. It is home to a number of popular races such as the Essex Vase, the Champion Stakes and the Golden Sprint. The other functioning greyhound track in London is Crayford, and it is home to races such as the Golden Jacket, Gold Collar, Kent St Leger, Guys and Dolls and Crayford Vase.

There are many more greyhound stadiums in the UK, such as Nottingham Stadium and Perry Bar Stadium. Racing takes place on a daily basis up and down the nation and gives fans of the sport plenty of opportunities to place winning bets. Here at sports we bring you betting markets on races at all of these venues ensuring that you never miss an opportunity.