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Bet on Championship Football at Sports

While the Championship may be the ‘second’ division in England, it is still a hugely exciting league that is packed with action and betting opportunities. At Sports we bring you everything you need to bet on the Championship, from markets covering promotion and relegation, to markets on individual games. Our odds are extremely competitive and we are confident that they represent some of the best value around.

Championship Odds Explained

The range of betting possibilities on Championship football is incredible. As with any league, there are two types of betting markets, Game Odds, which deal with individual matches, and Outrights, which deal with longer-term factors, such as teams that will be promoted or relegated from the league. Between these two types of markets, you will find that you can bet on almost any aspect of Championship football that interests you, and that the betting options are almost limitless.

Championship Football Betting Markets

If you look at any Championship match, you will often find more than 100 betting markets available to you. You will likely be familiar with the most basic ones, such as the 1X2 Full Time market, which is simply a bet on a specific team to win or a draw. One of the most popular Championship football betting markets is the Total Goals Over/Under. The further the season has progressed, the more information is available about this market. It is possible to see how many games have produced more or less than 2.5 goals and which teams have the highest goals to games ratio, and using this information, you can try to place a successful bet.

Similarly, the Both Teams to Score is a very popular betting market. Championship games are known for producing a large number of goals and it isn’t hard to look up statistics about how many games both teams have scored in as well as statistics about an individual team. Of course, you can’t solely rely on statistics, but it is a good place to start. Other things to consider include the recent form of both teams, which players are scoring and performing well, injuries, suspensions and so on.

h3: EFL Championship Outright Markets

Championship football provides some excellent outright market betting opportunities. The top of the league is always very competitive with the teams fighting hard to be promoted to the Premier League. This opens up a large number of betting possibilities, as you can bet on the regular games and the playoffs. You can bet on which three teams will be promoted and you have the choice between betting on individual teams and picking all three for the chance of winning from longer odds. You can also bet on which two teams will be promoted by finishing in the top two and which team will win the playoffs.

Of course, the opposite of this is also true. You can bet on which three teams will finish in the bottom positions and be relegated to League One. Regardless of whether you are betting on teams to finish top or bottom, they are both markets that will change as the season progresses. This means that the odds will be updated to reflect teams’ performances, and this may well lead to some exciting betting opportunities if you think a team’s fortunes are likely to significantly change.

EFL Championship In-Play Betting

If you enjoy betting and you enjoy watching live football, then in-play betting is something that you are sure to love. It allows you to react to the game in real time and take advantage of continually updating betting markets. In-play betting introduces an entirely separate category of betting markets known as the ‘next to’ bets. For example, you can bet on the next team or player to score, the next to foul, the next to take a corner, the next penalty and more. As you watch a match, you can use your knowledge to read the field and place bets as you see fit. It gives you the chance to spot fantastic betting opportunities and greatly expands the betting opportunities that each game brings. Best of all, we bring you live updates from the matches so you can take advantage of the in-play betting markets even when you can’t watch a game.

EFL Championship History

The Championship (or English Football League Championship) is the highest division of the English Football League and second highest in the English football system, after the Premier League. There are twenty-four clubs in the league at any given time and each season, the top two are promoted to the Premier League while those that finish in third to sixth place take part in a playoff tournament with the winners ascending to the Premier League. Those that finish in the bottom three places are relegated to League One.

Prior to becoming the Championship, the league was known as the Football League Second Division from 1892 to 1992, then it became the Football League First Division from 1992 to 2004, at which point it became the Championship. The league winners receive the EFL Championship trophy, the same trophy that was awarded to the First Division champions before it became the Premier League. There is more money in the Championship than in any other non-top flight football division in the world and it is the ninth richest division in Europe. Furthermore, the league has the highest match attendance of any secondary league in the world, with just nine top-flight leagues having higher attendance.