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Bet on Darts at Sports

Darts is experiencing a surge in global popularity and this means that there are a huge number of opportunities for darts fans to place bets. There are more and more tournaments taking place under the Professional Darts Corporation, the British Darts Corporation and the World Darts Federation, and here at Sports, you will find a large number of betting markets for matches taking place under all of these organisations. Each match brings with it numerous opportunities to place winning bets and we are sure that even the most avid of darts fans will find all that they need.

Darts Odds Explained

Darts is a fairly intricate game and the major advantage of this is that it means that there are many different things to bet on. This means that there is a large number of betting markets and it is worth making sure that you understand what each of them represents, as each represents another opportunity to place a winning bet. You will find outright markets and game odds markets, as well as in-play betting, ensuring that you can always place the bets that interest you.

Darts Markets

Darts betting markets start simple and they very quickly become a bit more nuanced. You can of course place a Winner Full Time bet; simply predict which of the players will win the match. You will also find handicap markets as well as markets on the exact score, over/under markets and so on. These types of betting markets are common to nearly all sports, but they are an excellent place to start.

There are of course betting markets that are unique to darts. For example, you can bet on Most 180s in Match, a bet on which player will score the most 180s, and you can also place an Over/Under Total 180s in Match bet or a Total Player 180s bet. There are also markets such as Winner Highest Checkout and Score Highest Checkout, as well as markets on who will score the first 180. It is also possible to bet on individual sets and legs, as well as aspects such as a 9 Dart Finish or a First Leg 180.

Outright Markets

There are many outright markets available in darts. For instance, you can bet on a league or tournament winner. These are very simple bets to understand but they will often offer very generous odds, nearly always better than even money. Furthermore, there is nothing to stop you placing multiple bets, so you could back a number of players to win a league and this way try to cover some of your bets.

In-Play Betting

In-play betting markets give you the chance to make watching darts even more exciting. These are markets that are updated in real time as a match progresses, with ever changing odds to reflect what is taking place. Many of the in-play markets are the same as the pre-match markets. For instance, you can place an in-play bet on who will win the match. However, the markets allow you to react to what you are watching and this way try to place a better informed bet with a greater chance of success. In-play betting also introduces the idea of ‘Next to’ betting, a bet on the next player to realise some condition. For example, you can place a Winner Next Leg bet, a bet on which player will win the next leg. This means that there are a huge number of bets you can place while watching a darts match, and of course, this means more chances to win. Best of all, you will also find live updates from the match on the in-play betting page, so that you will remain up to date on the action at all times.

Darts Leagues and Tournaments

As mentioned, there are two main darts governing bodies, the British Darts Organisation (BDO), which was founded in 1973, and the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC), which was founded in 1992. The BDO is part of the World Darts Federation together with organisations from 60 other countries around the world.

The BDO runs three main events each year. There is the World Professional Championship, which is the biggest tournament; however, in 2019, the World Darts Federation announced that it no longer recognises the BDO as the ruling body of darts in the UK, so this is no longer a recognised world championship. There is the World Masters, which is the longest running BDO major title and was founded in 1974, and there is the BDO World Trophy, which is a relatively new tournament.

The PDC runs many more ranked tournaments such as the World Championship, the UK Open, the World Matchplay, the World Grand Prix, the Grand Slam of Darts, the Players Championship Finals and the European Championship. They also have a number of non-ranked tournaments including The Masters, the Premier League Darts, the World Series of Darts, the World Cup of Darts, and the Champions League of Darts.

There are far more tournaments run by the World Darts Federation including Majors such as the World Masters, the Dutch Open, the German Open and the German Masters. The organisation also runs a number of Category 1 events, such as the Czech Open and the Denmark Open, as well as Category 2 events, Category 3 events, international events and more.

In short, there are masses of darts leagues and tournaments taking place around the world and here at Sports we do our best to bring you betting markets on as many of them as possible. If you are looking to bet on darts then start exploring, as we are confident that you will find exactly what you are looking for.