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France vs Denmark - 2022 World Cup Betting Guide

France and Denmark will play their second 2022 World group match on the 26th of November in Stadium 974 in Doha.

They are the two top ranking teams in the group, and the match between the two should decide which of the teams will take the top spot. That being said, the other teams in the group may also cause upsets or hold these teams to a draw, making this match all the more important for these two powerhouses. France, the defending champions of the World Cup, takes the edge over Denmark because of the sheer quality in their squad. However, Denmark is not to be taken lightly, as they work extremely well together and will fancy their chances in taking down the French.

France Team Info – The Returning Champions

France will be amongst the favourites to win the World Cup. As the reigning champions, they can make history by becoming the third ever team to win 2 World Cups in a row, and manager Didier Deschamps can become the first manager to win once as a player and twice as a manager if they were to do so. Didier Deschamps was in the golden generation of French players in the 90s and early 2000s. Names such as Zinedine Zidane, Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira, Marcel Desailly, and more, are all highly recognisable as they dominated on both a national level and at club level. After winning the World Cup for the first time in 1998, France managed to reach the final in 2006. Zidane was now captain and he played the last game of his international career against Italy. Zidane scored in the game, and was sent off after head-butting the Italian goal scorer Marco Materazzi. France then went on to lose the penalty shootout, and finish second. In 2018, the team reached the final after beating top teams such as Belgium, Argentina, and Uruguay. Beating Croatia in the final, they won their second World Cup.

Much of the World Cup winning squad are still playing, including the likes of Kylian Mbappe, Antoine Griezmann, N'Golo Kante, Paul Pogba, Raphael Varane, and Hugo Lloris. Karim Benzema was called up for international duty for the first time in years, after he was involved in a scandal off the pitch. He is in the best form of his career, and will undoubtedly improve France's already incredibly talented squad.

Denmark Team Info – A Credible Threat to the French

Denmark qualified for the World Cup when they won UEFA Group F. They won 9 out of their 10 games and scored 30 goals, only conceding 3. The Danish have qualified for the World Cup 5 times before the 2022 World Cup, and their biggest achievements in international football competitions came in the 90s. The team won the European Championships in 1992, and managed to reach the quarterfinals of the World Cup in 1998. Then, they had a golden generation of players such as Peter Schmeichel, Michael Laudrup, and Lars Olsen, amongst many more.

Their current squad has just as many talented players, if not more. In goal, they have Peter Schmeichel's son, Kasper, who has been capped 84 times. In defence, they have AC Milan's Simon Kjaer, as well as Barcelona's Andreas Christensen, Atalanta's Joakim Maehle, and Crystal Palace's Joachim Andersen. They have a few Premier League midfielders: Christian Eriksen Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, Matthias Jensen, and Philip Billing. In addition to them, there is also Sevilla's Thomas Delaney, and Danish club Brondby's Daniel Wass. In attack, they have Martin Braithwaite and Kasper Dolberg, both of whom play in La Liga and have scored 10 goals each for their country. There is also RB Leipzig's goal specialist Yussuf Poulsen, who is quite a pacey striker.

France vs Denmark Head-to-head

France has met Denmark in the World Cup 3 times. The first time came in 1998, when France beat Denmark 2-1. The second time was in the 2002 World Cup, when France lost to Denmark 2-0. The two sides met in the 2018 World Cup, where the game ended 0-0. More recently, Denmark beat France in the UEFA Nations League 2-1, but the overall record between the two countries favours France, with 8 games won, 2 games ending in a draw, and Denmark winning 5 games.

France vs Denmark Betting Preview

If you want to bet on this highly enthralling encounter, you will find no shortage of options. There are all sorts of bets you can try out, from how many goals will be scored in the game all the way to whether Mbappe will score for France, or whether Christian Eriksen will score for Denmark.

Double Chance

Double chance are bets on the result of the match, but you will be able to pick two out of the three possible outcomes. This makes it far safer as if the game ends in either of the two chosen outcomes, then you will win your bet. In France against Denmark, you will find the odds on France to win or the two teams to draw, Denmark to win or the two teams to draw, or on France to win or Denmark to win.

Asian Handicaps

You can pick a team to win and apply a handicap, which is basically a number of goals that will be added or subtracted from the number of goals they score in the game. The chosen team will need to win the game and overcome the handicap they are given. If the team selected is given a boost of goals, then that will be added to their scoreline and with the modified score they will need to win.

For example, you can bet on France to beat Denmark with a handicap of -1.5, which will mean you need France to win the game by 2 goals or more. If you apply a handicap of -2 then France will need to score 3 more goals than Denmark, but if they only score 2 then the result of the match will be a draw and you will receive your stake back.

If you bet on France to beat Denmark with a handicap of -1.75 then France will need to win the game by 3 or more goals for you to win. If they only score 2 goals then you will receive half your stake back. This is because your stake will be split in two, with half the money going on a handicap of -1.5 and the other half on a handicap of -2.

Over/Under Total Goals

With the total goal bets, you can bet on how many goals will be scored in a match. It uses the over/under format which means that you will need to pick a betting line and then bet on the game to finish with more goals than the line or less goals than the line.

X Goal Sequence

With this bet, you will need to pick exactly how many goals will be scored, the exact scoreline, and in what order the goals will be scored. For example, if you pick a five goal sequence bet, you can bet on France to win 4-1 and the order to be France/Denmark/France/France/France. If your prediction is correct, you can win massive returns.

And Many More Picks

In addition to the markets listed above, you will find there are masses more bets available on the match between France and Denmark. France to win the first half, either team to score in 5 minutes, Denmark to score the first goal, France to reverse the result, both teams to score, are just a few of the selections you have at your disposal.

You must remember to always keep track of how much money you spend gambling on matches in the World Cup. Should you find that you are spending more than your budget, then it may be worth checking out where there is a lot of useful information on how to gamble responsibly.

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