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Bet on Boxing at Sports

There is nothing quite like the excitement surrounding a boxing match and if you have placed a bet or two, then it only makes the experience even more enjoyable. No matter what division of boxing you are interested in, from the heavyweights to the welterweights, each fight is a major event and brings with it a large number of betting possibilities. Here are Sports we are proud of being able bring you betting markets on a huge number of fights in all weight divisions and governing bodies.  We bring you genuinely competitive odds and exciting betting markets, giving you the chance to bet on every moment of a fight from the very first bell.

Boxing Odds Explained

When you first think about betting on boxing, you may think that you can just bet on which of the fighters will win the bout. However, the sport offers far more betting opportunities and you will find that there are many different betting markets to take advantage of. It is worth taking the time to understand how all of the different markets works. Not only will this allow you to place more bets, but it will also greatly expand your betting possibilities as you learn how to use them in combination with one another.

Boxing Markets

Of course, the most basic bet available is Winner Full Time. This is simply a bet on which of the two fighters will emerge victorious at the end of the fight. If you are brand new to betting on boxing and you are just looking to back your favourite fighter then this is the perfect place to start. Another very simple bet for you to get started with is Fight To Go The Distance. As the name suggests, this is a yes or no bet, there are just two possible outcomes, and it is a great bet to use if you think that one of the fighters will quickly end the match or conversely, if you think it’ll be very close and all rounds will be fought.

In addition to betting on who will win the fight, you can also bet on the Fight Outcome. This allows you to bet on a fighter to win by Decision, Technical Decision, Knockout, Technical Knockout, Disqualification, and so on. You can also bet on a Draw, and this offers very generous odds, as it is such a rare occurrence.

Boxing also allows for Round Betting. This requires you to pick who will win the fight and in which round, for example player x to win in round 3 or player y to win in round 7. The odds will reflect how likely each outcome is, and sometimes they can be extremely generous and give you a real chance to win big. Boxing also allows for over/under betting. You can bet on Over/Under Rounds Full Time, which essentially allows you to bet on how many rounds you think there will be.

Outright Markets

Boxing does not offer outright markets in the same way as other sports do. For example, you will not be betting on a boxer to win a league. However, you will occasionally find prop bets available, which are the equivalent. These are often a great amount of fun and can allow you to bet on almost any aspect of fight. For instance, you might find a bet available on how many punches each fighter will land or which of the fighters will begin to bleed first during the match. The prop bets are not fixed and they can vary greatly between each match. However, it is very much worth having a close look at them as they can give you some exciting opportunities to win.

Boxing Divisions and Title Belts

If you are new to the world of boxing then there is every chance that you are a little confused by the huge number of divisions and title belts that seem to be contested. This is because there are four boxing governing bodies, the IBF, the WBA, the WBO and the WBC, and each of them have their own title bets. Furthermore, there are seventeen weight divisions! This means that in each division there can be four different world champions, that’s a total of 68.

Fighters will often compete for all four of these belts and there have a been a few who have successfully held all four in their division simultaneously. Furthermore, boxers do not always fight in just one weight division; they can compete in many and win belts from a few of them. This is despite the fact that the four bodies rarely agree to work together. Therefore, it can take a little bit of time to get your head around exactly what is going on.

Nonetheless, here at Sports we do our best to bring you betting markets on as many fights as possible, regardless of weight division or governing body. If you have a favourite boxer then you are likely to be able to bet on him or her no matter what the context of the fight. Be sure to spend some time exploring our betting markets carefully and we are sure that you will find everything you could possibly need to fulfil your boxing needs.