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Most Sports Betting Markets

At Sports, we bring you betting markets on a huge range of sporting events from around the world. We of course cover all of the most popular sports, such as Football, Basketball, American Football, Horse Racing, and Tennis, but go much further than that. You can place bets on sports as diverse as Ice Hockey, Motor Racing, Rugby (League and Union), Golf, Snooker, Boxing, Snooker, E-Sports, and far more.

Not only can you bet on virtually any sport you can think of, but you can also bet on events taking place around the world. We don’t limit you to major leagues such as the English Premier League; regardless of which sport you are looking to bet on, you are more than likely to find markets for the exact event that you are looking for. Take the example of Basketball, in addition to covering the NBA, we also cover leagues across Europe, such as Italy, Spain, Denmark, Norway, France, Poland, and so on. This means that if you are a sports fan, you won’t need to look anywhere else to place the bets that you are looking for.

Best Odds Anywhere Online

At Sports, we have eliminated the need to shop around for the best odds by simply bringing you some of the most generous betting odds available in one convenient location. Whether you are looking for the most basic bet on a favourite to win or a more complicated bet, such as an accumulator, there is no doubt that our odds are amongst the best on offer.

We also pride ourselves on the wide range of betting markets available. Whether you are a casual sports bettor looking to place basic bets or someone who enjoys delving down into the specifics then there is plenty available. For example, if you wish to bet on Football then you do not just have to bet on which team will win. You will see that the markets are split into easy to navigate categories, such as Main, Goals, Halves, Corners, Period, Players, Specials and Cards. Within each of these categories, there are many different types of bet on offer. In the Main section you will find markets such as Full Time, Total Goals, Both Teams to Score, Draw No Bet, Double Chance, Teams to Score in Both Half’s, Teams to Score in 1st/2nd Half, and far more. In the Corners section are bets such as Corners 3 Way OU, 1X2 Corners FT, Asian Handicap Corners, Total Team Corners, Race To 3 Corners, and so on. In short, there are loads of options.

This range of betting markets is not confined to Football. It doesn’t matter which sport you are looking to bet on, there are always a huge range of betting markets for each event and you are more than likely to find the betting market that you are looking for.

Live In-Play Betting

You can only make watching your favourite sports more exciting by taking advantage of our In-Play Betting markets. As you watch, you are sure to have a feel for how things are going and you can then take advantage of this to try to win some money. It takes just seconds to place a bet so your intuition can quickly become money in your account.

We offer In-Play betting on a huge range of sports. Of course, we cover the obvious such as Football, Tennis, Basketball, and so on. However, you can also enjoy live betting on sports such as Snooker, Volleyball, Handball, Table Tennis, and even more.

No matter what the sport is, there are always plenty of markets available. Many of the standard betting markets are on offer, but the odds become even better with In-Play betting. For example, you could bet on the next foul, the next corner, if there will be a penalty, who will score next, and so on. At the same time, you can still place bets such as exact score. In other words, In-Play bets can be on things to happen very quickly, in the next minute or two, or on how the rest of the match will pan out. This means that In-Play betting can make every second of a game even more exciting and engaging.

Get Your Bet Token

We often offer our members exciting promotions to take advantage of. When you join, Sports you will be offered a bet token to help you get off to the best possible start. There are then various other promotions to enjoy, such as the chance to boost Accumulator Bet winnings. The promotions change quite regularly, so be sure to keep an eye on the promotions page.

Tips for Placing Sports Bets

We have packed a huge number of special features into the Sports site to help you place as many successful bets as possible. For instance, if you want to do some research into a team’s recent form then you can visit the sports results section. There you will find the latest results from all of the different sports that we offer betting on and a huge range of leagues and events within each sport.

There is also a vast amount of statistical information available for each sport. While enjoying our In-Play Betting markets you will notice that you can track the event in real time and view helpful statistics such as possession percentages, the number of corners, and much more. This can all help you make more informed and therefore, more successful bets.

You could also make use of our Play Bot, which you will notice on the right-hand side of the website. The Play Bot is a source of betting tips, particularly when using In-Play Betting. It will alert you to various events and the betting opportunities that come with them, such as a Goal Frenzy, Dropping Odds, First Goal, and so on. It is possible to customise the information shown by the Play Bot, so you can ask for more information on Possession, Fouls, Corners, Shot Statistics, and far more. Take some time to explore the Play Bot, as it can be a real asset to any sports betting fans.

Sign up for your Sports account today and you can start to enjoy our markets, promotions, and special features, straightaway.

Football Betting

Football is loved by fans across the world so it is no surprise that the football betting possibilities are almost endless. You can bet on almost every aspect of a football match and the betting options aren’t confined to the major games. You can bet on a vast range of games, from the lowest professional leagues right up to the major tournaments such as the Champions League.

An Introduction to Betting on Football

When you look at a match you want to bet on you will see that there are loads of betting markets. In fact, the markets aren’t restricted to matches, you can bet on other aspects of the sport such as which team will win a league or which manager will be the next to go. However, when it comes to match betting, you’ll find the options are incredible.

You can bet on everything from the most general, such as who will win a match or what the score will be, to the most specific, such as which players will score, when the goals will happen, and so on. You can even bet on the number of fouls in a game, which players will be shown red or yellow cards, how many penalties there will be, etc. Alternatively, you may choose to bet on corners, how many will be in each half, who will take them, and so on. In other words, you can bet on almost every aspect of the game and make each and every moment of it a betting opportunity.

Tips for Placing Football Bets

You probably have a team that you love and you’ll be very tempted to just bet on them to win. However, this is unlikely to result in a great deal of success. To place successful bets you need to do some research into things such as the teams’ recent forms, how they perform at home and away, are there any injured or suspended players, and so on. You can also look at factors such as what the teams’ schedules have been like, is one team likely to be tired from a recent game and the other well rested. The more information you can gather, the better informed your bets will be, and that way, they will hopefully be more successful.

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Basketball Betting

Basketball is a hugely popular sport and its fan base is growing all of the time. In addition to the world-famous NBA, there are leagues across the rest of the world, and this means that there is always plenty of basketball betting action available. Here you can bet on all of world’s major leagues and tournaments, and you will find that the betting opportunities are almost endless.

An Introduction to Betting on Basketball

The basketball betting markets are split into two sections, Outrights and Game Odds. The Outright markets allow you to bet on the outcome of a league or tournament, such as who will win and who will come last. The Game Odds markets are on individual basketball games and you will find that there are often more than eighty of them for each game.

The markets start very general, you can of course bet on which team will win the game, by how many points, and so on. However, you can also place some very specific bets, such as on the number of points or assists provided by individual players, or the first team to reach a certain number of points. It is also possible to bet on individual quarters and halves of a game, so you can be very specific with your bets, such as betting on a team to win the first quarter but lose the overall game. Thanks to this, you can turn every second of a basketball game into a betting opportunity.

What to Look for When Betting on Basketball

As when betting on any sport, the important thing is to stop yourself from placing emotionally driven bets. In other words, don’t just bet on your favourite teams to win. Rather, you need to do research to try to place well-informed bets that have a greater chance of success. You can look at factors such as the teams’ recent form, how they have been playing at home and away, if there are any player injuries you need to be aware of, their history against one another, and so on. While there is no such thing as a guaranteed bet, the more information you are able to consider, the better your chances are of winning.



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Live Betting

Live Betting gives sports fans the chance to react to the action in real time and place many more bets. The live betting markets are updated as an event progresses and allow fans to bet on many different aspects of a sport. No matter what kind of sport you enjoy, football, tennis, cricket, darts, boxing, or anything else, you will find that there are masses of live betting markets available and that they give you the chance take sports betting to the next level.

An Introduction to Live Betting

When you look at live betting markets you will see that many of them are the same as those available before an event. For example, you can still bet on which team/player is going to win an event, you can bet on the score at half time, you can bet on the points spread and so on. However, when using the live markets, you can base your bets on what is happening rather than just your predictions.

Live betting truly comes into its own when using the ‘Next To’ markets. As the name suggests, these markets allow you to bet on the next thing to happen. For example, if you are watching football and you think a player is looking threatening, then you can place a bet on him being the next to score. You don’t necessarily have to be that specific, you could also bet on the next team to score. There are loads of these ‘Next To’ markets in all sports, such as Next to Foul, Next to Break Serve, Bowler to Take Next Wicket, and so on. They are a truly fantastic way to have fun and make sure that the next betting opportunity is never far away.

What to Look for When Live Betting

This of course very much depends on the sport that you are watching, but the fun in live betting comes from being able to combine your understanding with the available markets. The trick is to keep a careful eye on all of the odds and that way you may be able to spot some fantastic opportunities. For example, you may think that a football player is close to losing his cool, take a look at the next player to foul markets, and see that the odds are long, meaning that you have the chance to land a big payout.


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Ice Hockey Betting

Ice Hockey is a fantastic sport to watch, the action is intense and fast, and a great deal can happen in a very short space of time. This makes it great fun to bet on, as there are plenty of betting opportunities, both before a game and in-play. There is an extensive range of markets for any given game, making it possible to place many different bets and bring even more excitement to every second.

An Introduction to Betting on Ice Hockey

As with most sports, the most basic types of ice hockey bets are about the final score. It is possible to place bets on things like the goal spread, the total goals, the puck line, the total goals for a team, the final result, and more. However, those looking for more betting opportunities will find many amongst the markets.

There are betting markets that relate to each of the three periods of an ice hockey match. For instance, you can bet on both teams to score within an individual period, or on which team will win the period, which team will be the last to score, how many goals there will be etc. You can also bet on individual players to score or to foul. There are also Race To bets available, allowing you to bet on which team will be the first to score a certain number of goals. The list of betting markets goes on and on, and there are even more in-play markets, which can make betting on the sport truly enjoyable.

Tips for Placing Ice Hockey Bets

Before betting on an ice hockey match, it is worth doing a bit of research. Some of this will be obvious, it is worth looking at a team’s recent form, how their previous games have turned out, whether the away team tends to perform well on the road, etc. There are other factors worth considering, such as a team’s line and if the lines are effective. You can look up statistics such as the average number of goals per game, look at how a team performs during power players, check to see if a team is missing a player for any reason, and so on. All of this information can help you place better bets.

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Handball Betting

If you are a fan of Handball then you will know that it provides high-speed action from beginning to end and is absolutely exhilarating to watch. As it is an action packed game, there are of course plenty of opportunities to place bets and you will find a vast number of betting markets for each game taking place. You can bet on matches in leagues from around the world as well as international tournaments, ensuring that there is always betting action available.

An Introduction to Betting on Handball

You may be slightly overwhelmed when you see the sheer number of handball betting markets available. There are two distinct types of markets, those that deal with the game’s final results, such as 1X2 Full Time, Over/Under Full Time, etc., and those that deal with specific elements of the game.

For example, you will see that there are categories of betting markets dedicated to each half of the game. This means that in terms of betting you can treat each half as a separate game, and bet on which team will score more in each half. There are also Race To markets, which allow you to bet on which team will be the first to reach a specific number of goals. You can enjoy many additional betting markets, allowing you to cover every aspect of the game and ensure you have many opportunities to win.

Tips for Placing Handball Bets

As with any sport, the most important thing to do before placing a bet on Handball is to do your research and collect as much information as possible. You can look at very basic things, such as a team’s recent form and if they have been winning big matches. Also look at the team members, are any missing due to suspension or injury, and consider how this is likely to affect the team. You can look at the head-to-head record between the teams that are playing to see if one side consistently outperforms the other. None of this will guarantee that you will win your bets, but the more information you have at your disposal, the more fun you can have placing the bets.

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Horse Racing Betting

Horse Racing betting has a proud history that goes back many hundreds of years and today it is as popular as it has ever been. There are races taking place at tracks around the world on an almost daily basis and each one brings with it a multitude of betting possibilities. There are many different types of horse racing betting markets and by taking advantage of them all, you can turn every race into a truly exciting occasion.

An Introduction to Betting on Horse Racing

If you are completely new to Horse Racing betting then you just need to know that all races have three types of basic bets, Win, Place, and Each-Way. This means that you can bet on an individual horse to win the race, finish in the top places, or you can bet on the horse to either win or finish in the places. Better yet, there are a number of slightly more complicated bets available, and these cover even more eventualities.

Many people make use of Exacta, Quinella, Trifecta and Superfecta bets. Despite their names, these bets are actually very simple. They are bets on which horses will finish in the top two, three or four places, and in some cases, on what order the horses will finish in. By using these bets intelligently, you can build a great deal of flexibility into your strategy. You can cover many different outcomes and therefore, increase your chances of winning a payout. At the same time, it will make watching the race even more exciting.

Tips for Placing Horse Racing Bets

You can never be sure of winning a bet, but you can try to increase your chances by doing some research. Many things can have an effect on a horse race and they are all worth thinking about when placing a bet. You need to consider the track and the weather conditions, which will affect the surface. Then you can look into individual horses and see how they have performed in similar conditions in the past. You can look at their previous results from the track and their other recent results, as well as their trainer. Of course, don’t forget to look at the jockey as well. The more things you are able to take into account, the more fun you will end up having.

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Greyhound Racing Betting

Greyhound racing is incredibly exciting to watch, from the moment the dogs leave their traps, it is a high-speed sport with plenty of action. It is only made more exciting by placing a bet or two on the results. There is plenty of opportunity to bet on the dogs thanks to races taking place across the world on a daily basis with each race bringing its own betting markets to enjoy.

An Introduction to Betting on Greyhound Racing

When you look at the Greyhound Racing betting markets, you will see that there are three basic types of bet, Win, Place, and Each-Way. The first bet is on a specific dog to win, a Place bet is on a dog to finish in one of the top places, the Each-Way bet is a way to cover both possibilities, so if your chosen dog wins, then you essentially win twice.

While they are the most basic bets, there are more available. At first they may sound complicated due to names such as Forecast and Tricast, but they are actually very straightforward. They are bets on two or three dogs respectively to finish in one of the places, depending on the bet it can be first, second or third, and in some cases, the best is also on what order they will finish in. Essentially, the bets allow you to be very flexible with your predictions and cover many different possible outcomes.

Tips for Placing Greyhound Racing Bets

Before betting on a greyhound race, it is worth doing some research. There are different types of races, such as Sprints, Stayers, Standards, Hurdles, and Marathons, and you need to know and understand the difference. You should look at how the dogs have performed in these races and their general form. It is also important to consider track conditions and weather. Some dogs prefer dry tracks while others perform better when it is wet. You can also look at how old the dogs are, the grading they have been given, the breeds, which trap they are in, and more. The more information you gather, the better informed your bets are and the better your chances of success.

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Boxing Betting

Boxing is a truly exciting sport to watch and it is one that has always been linked with gambling. Each boxing match brings with it a huge number of betting opportunities and here you will find all that you need to place your desired bets. No matter which governing body is organising the match or which weight division you are interested in, at Sports we bring you extensive betting markets with truly competitive odds.

An Introduction to Betting on Boxing

As with any sport, betting on boxing starts very simple but offers the opportunity to place very nuanced bets. The simplest of bets is on which fighter will win the match and this is an excellent place to start. You can also make use of markets such as Fight To Go The Distance, which is simply a bet on whether all the scheduled rounds will be necessary.

As you know, boxing matches can end in Decision, Technical Decision, Knockout, Technical Knockout, Disqualification, and so on, and you can use the Fight Outcome markets to bet on which of these you think will decide the fight. You can also bet on individual rounds in a fight. You can bet on fighters to win in specific rounds and how they will win. You can also place Over/Under Rounds Full Time Bets, and so on. Occasionally you will also find prop bets, such as how many punches a fighter will land or if blood will be drawn. By using all of these markets, you can quickly build a betting strategy that encompasses all aspects of a match.

What to Look for When Betting on Boxing

Before betting on a boxing match, it is important that you do some research into the fighters. While some fights will have a clear favourite, it is still important to gather as much information as possible. You can look at the fighters’ recent forms, how they have performed in recent matches, if they have fought each other before, and so on. Boxing is a sport that encourages a great amount of pre-match rhetoric and it can be worth paying attention to in order to try to ascertain how a fighter is feeling. It is impossible to place a completely safe bet, but if you carefully research, then you will have a much better chance of placing a winning bet.




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Cricket Betting

Cricket is a massively popular sport, particularly in the UK, and there are many different leagues and tournaments taking place. In addition to UK county cricket, there are leagues in countries such as India and Australia, as well as many international tournaments and test series such as The Ashes. This means that there are plenty of cricket betting opportunities and here you will find betting markets on all the major cricket matches taking place around the world.

An Introduction to Betting on Cricket

Cricket betting markets are usually split into two main categories, Outrights and Game Odds. The Outright markets allow you to bet on the outcome of leagues and tournaments, such as who will win, as well as other overall aspects, such as at what stage a team will be knocked out, who the highest scorer will be, and so on.

The Game Odd markets relate to individual matches. The most basic of these is a bet on which team will win. However, you can bet on far more specific aspects of a match starting with who will win the toss. It is then possible to bet on individual overs and wickets in great detail. For instance, you can bet on what method a player will be dismissed by, or how many runs will be scored off the next over. There are many markets available, and by using them all, you can place bets on almost every moment of a match.

What to Look for When Betting on Cricket

As with any sports betting, the most important thing is to do your research carefully. While you may be tempted to bet on your favourite team to win or your favourite player to be man of the match, this is not a good technique for long-term success. Before placing a bet, be sure to look into the teams’ and players’ recent form, check for injuries, look to see what the history is like between the teams, and so on. In short, the more information you are able to take into account, the more likely it is you will win your bet.


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Darts Betting

Darts is in the midst of a resurgence in popularity and there are now a huge number of competitions taking place organised by both the Professional Darts Corporation and the British Darts Corporation. Each darts event brings with it a huge number of betting opportunities with a variety of interesting markets that fans are sure to love taking advantage of. Here at Sports, we bring you truly competitive darts odds on masses of events, ensuring that you can always place the bets that interest you.

An Introduction to Betting on Darts

As with many sports, darts betting markets are often divided into two main categories. There are outright markets, which are on the overall outcome of a league or event, such as who will win it, and there are game odds markets, which are on the individual matches. The outright markets are a fantastic place to start, but it is the game odds where the truly interesting betting opportunities can be found.

Of course, you can start by betting on who will win a match and you will also find handicap markets, exact score markets and over/under markets. However, there are a number of markets that are unique to darts and these will offer the most interesting bets for many people. For example, you can bet on which player will score the most 180s, the first 180, or the total number of 180s. You can also bet on markets such as the Winner Highest Checkout or the Score Highest Checkout. There are also markets on individual sets and legs, and so on. Thanks to this, you can ensure that you have a bet riding on almost every throw of the darts in a match.

What to Look for When Betting on Darts

When betting on a darts match the key to increasing your success is doing careful research beforehand. You can look into each of the players’ recent forms and be sure to consider also the format of the match and how the players tend to perform in that format. For example, if it is a race to ten match in the early stages of a tournament. You should look at how the players have performed in each event before and also consider the venue, as this can affect performance. In other words, the more information you can consider, the better your chances are of success.

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American Football Betting

For a long time the American Football fan base was confined to America, but the sport is exploding in popularity around the world, and this of course means that there is more betting action than ever before. Fans will find betting markets available on all the important leagues such as the NFL, CLF, NCAAF and more, with a fantastic range of betting options that is sure to delight even the most ardent of fans.

An Introduction to American Football Betting

When you go to bet on an American Football game, you will find that there is a range of betting markets. These can generally be divided into two types, those that deal with the final result and those that deal with specifics of the game. Examples of the first type include Winner Full Time, Point Spread, and Over/Under; however, there are many more markets.

In terms of bets that deal with specifics, you will be able to bet on specific halves and quarters from the game, such as the winner of the first half or the scoring in a quarter. There are also betting markets relating to specific players, such as Receiving Yards, Rushing Yards, Passing TDs, Passing Yards, and Interceptions. There is a whole category of Special markets and there you will find options such as Both Teams to Score in a Quarter, the time of the first score, first team to score to go on to win the game, team’s total TDs, and more.

Tips for Placing American Football Bets

Before placing a bet on American Football it is important to do some research, don’t just go with your gut instinct. Have a look at the teams that are playing, their respective recent forms, whether they are missing players due to injuries or suspensions, the teams’ home and away records, how they perform in different weather conditions and so on. Consider if the teams have had a busy schedule recently or a long journey to the match, whether they tend to start well but tire quickly, and so on. All of these can have a direct impact on the result and the more information you can take into account the better.


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MMA Fighting Betting

MMA Fighting is continuing to grow in popularity and more people than ever before are watching major events such as UFA and Bellator. This of course means that the betting opportunities are growing, and there are an amazing number of betting markets to enjoy. You can bet on who will win a fight, or on the specific action that will take place in each round, ensuring that every second is full of excitement.

An Introduction to Betting on MMA Fighting

If you have never betted on MMA fights before then the most simple thing will be to bet on who will win, otherwise known as a moneyline bet. However, you will soon realise that the betting opportunities go far beyond this and you can place a range of interesting bets on many different aspects of a fight.

One popular thing to bet on is how long a fight will last, this is known as an Over/Under bet. If you think a fighter tends to start slow, but has greater stamina than his or her opponent, then you could bet on them to win the match and for there to be many rounds. You can also place bets on how a fight is won, whether by knockout, technical knockout, submission, or judges’ decision. UFC fight nights normally contain many fights and you can bet on many of them using a combination bet. If you think that you can pick a winner for each of the night’s fights, then you will receive far more generous odds than when betting on just one fight.

Tips for Placing MMA Bets

You can do a great deal of research before placing a bet on an MMA fight, and hopefully this will help you place more bets that are successful. You should consider each fighter’s recent form but also check to see if they have been injured or have had to undergo surgery that may affect how they perform. You can get an idea of this by watching the weight-ins; you may be able to get a sense if one of the fighters seems over confident, or if one seems tired. You can also look at the judges, some are known for making controversial decisions, and this may affect how you place your bets. There is a great deal to consider, but it can make betting much more fun.

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Motor Racing Betting

The world of motorsports is hugely exciting, with Formula 1, NASCAR, MotoGP and more all providing high speed action and most importantly, plenty of betting opportunities. Each race brings with it a huge range of betting markets that fans of the sports are sure to love exploring. Here at Sports, we do our best to cover as many motor sports as possible and to bring you a broad range of markets with generous odds so that you can always find the bets that interest you.

An Introduction to Betting on Motor Racing

Regardless of which type of motorsport you are interested in, you will find that the bets are split into two main categories. In the outright markets, you can bet on things such as which driver or team will win the championship. In the game odds section you will find a huge range of markets relating to the individual races, and this is where you can truly have a lot of betting fun.

The most straightforward bet is on which driver will win a race, but you can go much further than this. For instance, when it comes to Formula 1 betting you will find that the betting markets start with the practice runs. You can then bet on qualifying times and grid positions. In regards to the race, you can bet on lap times, podium positions, which driver will retire first, the nationality of the winner, what grid position the winner will have started from, and far more. Of course, if you are betting on NASCAR or any other motorsport, then you will find comparable markets available for each race. Make sure to look at all the available markets, as they will help you turn every second of every lap into a bet winning opportunity.

What to Look for When Betting on Motor Racing

The key to placing more winning bets is to make sure that you have done your research before a race. There are some very obvious things you can start with, such as how a driver has been performing, how their car has been holding up, and how a driver has performed at that track in the past. You can also look at the weather forecast, track conditions, and how the various drivers/teams’ tyre strategies have been working. In other words, the more information that you are able to consider, the better chance you have of placing a winning bet.

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Tennis Betting

Tennis is great fun to watch and is loved by fans across the world. It is an exciting sport and it can be made even more exciting by placing a few bets on it. Any given tennis match is likely to have many different betting markets available, and you can bet on all kinds of different aspects of the game, from who will win right through to how many double faults there will be.

An Introduction to Betting on Tennis

If you have a look at the betting markets for a tennis match, you will quickly realise that there are loads of betting opportunities. Of course, there are some very straightforward bets, such as the Winner Full Time and Set Betting, but you will also find a number of more intricate bets, and these can be great fun.

It is possible to bet on the exact scores for a set and also the winners of each game. Tennis offers a number of special bets as well, such as for a player to lose every game in a set or the number of tiebreaks to take place in a match or the total number of games in a set. There are many more markets available, and by utilising them all, you will be able to enjoy loads of betting action.

Tips for Placing Tennis Bets

Of course, there is no such thing as a guaranteed or safe bet, but there is some research that you can do to help you along the way. It is important to carefully consider the two players and compare them to one another rather than just bet on the one you prefer. Consider if they have played each other before and the results from those games. Also, make sure you look at the surface the match is taking place on, as this can have a big effect on players. You should also look at the players’ recent form; check to see if either has been injured recently or just struggling more than usual. You can also look at the weather conditions if it is an outside match and so on. The more research you do, the better informed your bets will be.

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