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Bet on the English Football League Trophy at Sports

The English Football League Trophy, or EFL Trophy, is an exciting football tournament that brings with it some even more exciting betting opportunities. With 64 teams taking part and hundreds of matches, the number of bets available to place is almost endless. Here at Sports we bring you everything needed for the best possible EFL Trophy betting experience. There are masses of markets available on every single match and we try to bring you the best possible odds so that even when betting on the favourites, you have the chance to win a bit more.

English Football League Trophy Odds Explained

One of the great things about football is that there are so many different things that you can bet on, giving you plenty of opportunities to win. As a result, there are hundreds of betting markets, most of which are very easy to understand. In order to have the most fun betting on the EFL Trophy it is worth taking the time to explore all of these markets and all the possibilities they represent. The markets are split into two main categories, Outrights, which deal with the tournament as a whole, and Game Odds, which are markets on individual matches.

English Football League Trophy Markets

Most of the time when you want to bet on the EFL Trophy it will be on individual games and you will discover that there are hundreds of betting markets available. The markets are split into easy to navigate categories such as Main, Goals, Halves, Corners, Players, and Cards. The Main category contains the most basic bets, such as 1X2 Full Time (who will win the match), Total Goals, Exact Score, and so on.

When you start exploring the categories, you will discover just how specific you can be with the bets. You can bet on the first team/player to score, the winner of the first half, the goals in the first half, how many corners there will be, who will have the first corner, player proposition bets (such as the number of assists or to score from outside the box), red and yellow cards, and more. This way, you can bet on every aspect of the match and truly make every minute count.

Outright Markets

The outright betting markets are on the tournament as a whole. The simplest and most commonly used of these is on which team will win. You can place this bet at any time from before the tournament starts right up until before the final. Very often, people will also place it as an Each Way bet. This covers the possibility of your team not winning the tournament but coming very close and still giving you the chance to win. When you place an each way bet you are actually placing two bets, one on the team to win and one for them to finish in the places. If your team does win, then you will be paid out for both bets, if they finish in the places then you will still win one of the bets. There are many more outright markets that are worth exploring, such as who will score the most goals throughout the tournament, and they are perfect if you enjoy long-term betting action.

In-Play Betting

In-play betting, also known as live betting, allows you to bet on an EFL Trophy match as it happens. The markets and the odds are continually updated as the match progresses, and it gives you the chance to spot some fantastic betting opportunities. Many of the in-play betting markets are exactly the same as the regular betting markets. For instance, you can still bet on which team will win, what the score will be, how many corners there will be, and so on. However, in-play betting opens up a new category of betting markets known as ‘Next To’ bets. These are simply bets on the next thing to happen in a match and give you the chance to react in real time to what you are watching. For example, you could bet on the next player to score, the next team to concede a goal, the next player to foul, the next corner, and so on. By keeping a careful eye on both the odds and the match, you may be able to spot some fantastically good value bets. There are also bets called Fast Markets. These allow you to bet on whether something will or won’t happen in the coming minutes. For example, you could place a bet on their being a penalty, corner, goal, card, or none of them, in the next five minutes of a match. At the same time, we bring you live updates from the match as well as in-depth statistics, so that you can stay on top of the action even when you can’t watch it.

English Football League Trophy History

The English Football League Trophy has been running since the 1983/4 season. It is open to the 48 clubs in the League One and League Two, as well as sixteen under-21 sides from the Premier League and Championship. It is considered to be the third most prestigious knockout trophy in English football, after the FA Cup and EFL Cup. The tournament begins with 16 regional groups, each containing four teams, and the two top from each group qualify for the knockout stages. The final then takes place at Wembley stadium each year.