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Bet on Golf at Sports

Golf has a huge following around the world with many fans of the various tours and tournaments. Here at Sports we do our best to cover all major golfing events and bring you a wide range of betting markets with extremely competitive odds. Whether you are looking to bet on the overall winner of a tournament, the outcome of a specific round, or even how two players will perform relative to each other, you will find the betting markets that you need.

Golf Odds Explained

While golf may be one of the slower sports, it does not mean that it is short of betting possibilities. When you look at a golf event or tournament, you will see that there are plenty of betting markets to take advantage of, ranging from the very simple to the very involved. It is worth taking the time to ensure that you understand all of these different markets and how they work so that you can take full advantage of them and give yourself the best possible chance of placing winning bets.

Golf Markets

Regardless of which golfing event you are betting on, you will find that the same markets are nearly always available. In general, markets are split into two categories, Game Odds and Outrights. In many sports, the majority of the markets are found under Game Odds, but with Golf, this is not the case. Under Game Odds, the main markets you will find is on which player will win an individual round. The vast majority of the betting action takes place under the Outright markets, and they deserve a very close look.

Outright Markets

The most basic of these markets is a bet on which player will win the event. This is a very simple bet and it is of course an excellent place to start. However, you can make golf betting far more interesting. For instance, you can bet on which player will be in the lead after any specific round, or if they will be in the top 5, 10 or 20. This opens up many betting opportunities and is a great way to start building a betting strategy.

You can bet on the top nationality, on whether there will be a hole in one in an event, on which players will make the cut, if the tournament will feature a play-off hole to decide its winner, or even on how many players will finish the tournament with an overall score under par. There are also bets such as Winning Score, Highest Round Score, and Lowest Round Score. You can even bet on if the winner will be a player who has never won a trophy before. There are plenty more markets to discover, such as what the winning margin will be or if there will be a wire to wire winner.

One thing that golf offers that you won’t find elsewhere is virtual match up betting. These markets allow you to bet on how two players will perform relative to one other. The markets may cover one round, 18 holes, four rounds or even 72 holds. It is a great way to expand the betting opportunities and gives you the chance to look beyond which player will win the tournament.

In-Play Betting

Watching a golf tournament can be made even more exciting with in-play betting. These are betting markets that are only available while an event is taking place and the odds are updated in real time to reflect the action. Another big advantage of golf is that it is a fairly slow sport, so even though the odds will be updated regularly, you will have plenty of time to consider your bets before placing them. Common in-play golf bets are on the current round leader (who it will be at the end of the round) and the overall winner. Very often, these are Each Way bets (marked with an EW). This means that you will be placing two bets, one bet to win and the second bet for your chosen player to finish in the specified number of places (normally 1 to 5). The second part of this bet, called a place bet, is paid out at a specific fraction of the win sections, such as a 1/2. This means that you might see a market such as First Round Leader E/W 1/4 1-2-3-4-5. This means that the place part of the bet will pay out at a quarter of the odds of the main market if the player finishes in second to fifth place. If your selection wins, then both parts of the bet pay out, and you will win even more.

Golf Leagues and Tournaments

The vast majority of golf betting takes place on golf tournaments that are part of the PGA Tour or the European Tour. However, this includes a huge number of events and many betting opportunities. There are some truly famous tournaments, such as The Masters Tournament, at the Augusta National Golf Club, the US Open, the British Open, the PGA Championship and the Ryder Cup. However, there are many lesser tournaments, such as the Cambia Portland Classic and the Solheim Cup. It doesn’t matter what type of golf tournament you are interested in, here at Sports you are sure to find all the betting markets you could possible need.