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Bet on Motor Racing at Sports

Motor Racing is an incredibly exiting type of sports and while the focus in the UK may be on Formula 1, there are many other thrilling forms of the sport. Each race, regardless of what vehicle it involves, brings a huge amount of betting opportunities. From betting on who will be crowned champion at the end of a season to betting on small details of a race, such as pit stops, here at Sports you will find everything you need for a fantastic motor racing betting experience.

Motor Racing Odds Explained

Whether you are looking at F1, NASCAR, or any other motorsport, you will find that many of the same types of betting markets are available. The markets can cover every aspect of a race, from practice sessions and qualifying, to the final car to cross the line. Many of the betting markets are very simple and self-explanatory while others may require a bit of thought. It is worth taking the time to understand them all so as to maximise your betting possibilities and give yourself the best chance of winning.

Motor Racing Markets

For any motor sport, the betting markets are split into two main categories, Outrights and Game Odds. The outright markets are those that take a broad overview of a sport while the game odds deal with specific races. When it comes to F1, the game odds markets cover everything from practice runs onwards. You can bet on who will be fastest in practice and then move on to markets such as Fastest Qualifier, Qualification Winning Team and Qualification Winning Margin. Moving on to the actual races, there are then plenty of markets to exploit beyond the overall winner. You can bet on which drivers will finish on the podium, or which driver will be the first to retire. You can place the same bets but in regards to teams rather than drivers, or you could even bet on the nationality of the race winner. Other markets include the Grid Position of Winner and Fastest Lap. You will even find Head to Head markets that pit two drivers against each other and you can bet on which will do better, these can be particularly fun if you want to avoid betting on the race winner. In short, the betting possibilities are huge and can make every second of the race even more exciting.

Outright Markets

As mentioned, outright markets are those that deal with the sport as a whole rather than an individual race. For example, the Championship Outright market is a bet on which driver will win the championship and the same bet is also available for which team will win the Constructors championship. These markets are not confined to Formula 1, for instance you can bet on the outright winner of the Motorbikes or on the winner of the NASCAR Cup Series Championship. Outright markets tend to have very generous odds and are a great way to ensure you have some betting excitement throughout the entire season.

In-Play Betting

Watching a race it extremely exciting, but if you combine it with live betting then you can take your engagement to an entirely new level. The in-play betting markets are updated in real time as the race progresses and give you the chance to react to the action on the track to try to give yourself a better chance of winning. Formula 1 fans will know that all drivers need at least one pit stop and tyre change during a race. In-play betting allows you to bet on when these may happen and thanks to the public access to drivers’ radios and continual race commentary, you have access to a great deal of information when placing these bets. You can also use the pit information to place bets on who will win a race. It is still possible to place this type of bet while a race is taking place, so if you think a driver has pitted too early or left things too late, then you can use this information when placing a bet. You will find that nearly all the pre-race markets are available in-play, and in-play betting gives you the chance to use your analysis of the race to create many more opportunities to place winning bets.

Motor Racing Leagues

The world of motorsports is huge and there are many different leagues for fans to bet on. The most famous is probably Formula Racing, which is classified as cars with their wheels outside and not contained by any bodywork. Formula One and Formula Two are the most watched, but there are many more such as Formula Three. In recent years, Formula E, which uses only electric powered cars, has gained popularity.

Away from the world of Formula One, in North America the most popular form of open-wheeled racing is the IndyCar series. Another hugely popular form of the sport is NASCAR, which has been professionally organised since the 1940s, and the season includes the Daytona 500, known as The Great American Race. To date, NASCAR has run over 2,500 events over the course of 70 seasons.

Other popular forms of motorsports include MotoGP, touring cars and rally cars, and here at Sports we do our best to bring you betting odds on as many of these as possible.