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Live Betting at Sports

Live Betting is the perfect way to take your engagement with your favourite sports to the next level. It allows you to bet on a sporting event as it takes place, responding to the events in real time and capitalising on every bet winning opportunity that you see. It doesn’t matter what type of sport you enjoy, football, tennis, cricket, or anything else, you are more than likely to find live betting markets that give you the chance to place a huge number of winning bets.

Live Betting Odds Explained

The main reason that live betting is so exciting is that everything is happening in real time. The markets are designed to allow people to react to what they are seeing in real time. Of course, the betting markets on offer are largely determined by the nature of the sport; however, in all cases, they will be continually updated and by watching carefully, you will have the chance to spot some fantastic betting opportunities.

Live Betting Markets

Many of the live betting markets will be the same as those offered before a sporting event. For example, if you are watching a football match, then you will still be able to place a bet on who will win. However, the live markets will allow you to place far better informed bets than pre-event betting. For instance, a game may have a strong favourite, but if you while watching an event you think the favourites are likely to lose you can quickly place a bet on the underdogs and give yourself the chance to win.

Next To Betting Markets

However, live betting truly comes into its own with a category of bets known as ‘Next To’. As the name suggests, these are bets of the next thing to happen, and these markets are only available when you are live betting. For example, if you are a football fan, before the game you may bet on a specific player to score or perhaps pick up a red card. Using live betting you can bet on the next player to score or to foul. The markets are available throughout the entire match, so you can utilise your own analytical skills to spot some exciting betting opportunities. There are many more ‘Next To’ bets, staying with the example of football you will find markets such as Team to Win Next Corner, Form of Next Set Piece, Time of Next Booking, Next Player to Get Booked, Time of Next Goal, Next Team to Score, and many more.

Don’t worry if you are not a football fan, you will find the ‘Next To’ markets in nearly every sport. If you are watching cricket you can use markets such as Runs Scored in Next Over and Bowler to Take Next Wicket while tennis fans will find markets such as Next Point Winner, Player to Win Next Game/Set and Player to Next Break Serve. No matter which sport you are interested in, you will find that there is a wide range of markets that allow you to capitalise on every second of a game from beginning to end.

The fantastic thing about live betting is how fast the action is. No matter which of the markets you are trying to use, it will take you just seconds to place a bet, and in many cases, just a few more seconds to find out if you have won. This is especially true when using the ‘Next To’ markets and no matter what sport you are watching, if you really pay attention then there will be times when you can spot some fantastic bets with incredible odds, giving you the chance to win more than ever before.

Live Betting Event Tracking

Don’t worry if you are unable to watch an event live, here at Sports you will find all that you need to be able to enjoy live betting no matter where you are. When looking at our live betting markets you will find that not only are the odds being continually updated, but also that we bring you live updates from the event. While the updates may not be quite the same as watching the real thing, they do bring a huge amount of information to help you place well-informed bets.

For example, when betting on football you can see which player/team has possession, where the ball is on the pitch, who is attacking, and so on. There are also many statistics available, such as the number of corners, red/yellow cards, possession and so on. Taking the example of basketball you can view information such as the number of free throws, two pointers and three pointers scored, the max points in a row, the total fouls, rebounds, time spend in the lead, timeouts, and much more.

You can also make use of our Play Bot. It uses artificial intelligence to bring you betting tips based upon what is happening in a sporting event. It is capable of suggesting many different types of bets and it will alert you every time it identifies another betting opportunity. It is an extremely powerful tool and a great way to discover bets that you may not have spotted yourself.